Friday, January 11, 2013

I had a realization the other day.  One of those moments where pieces of information you've always had, suddenly fall into place beside one another and a new thought clicks into your mind.  My boyfriend hates doing the dishes.  Haaaaaaates.  If I want to bless him, I head straight to his sink.  (He also hasn't had a dishwasher since I met him.)  I learned this about him sometime last spring.  

But months before, back last January, I spent well over an hour doing dishes beside a certain bearded man.  We left our friend's house around 3am and there wasn't a dirty dish left in the house.  Funny the things you catch looking back.  

Glad he decided to wash dishes that night with a certain girl.  ;)  (Not to mention, I think he ended up saving himself hours of dishwashing in the long run.)  

*** Sidenote:  Last night that fella made dinner at my place for himself, me and Roomie and washed all the dishes.  All while fixing my computer for me. :) :) :)  I think I'll check out his sink tonight.  

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Kim said...

Aw so freakin cute. My man ALSO haaaaates doing the dishes. So I know once the dishes are rinsed and put in the dishwasher - he's showing he loves me too :-) Cute post sister!