Friday, January 04, 2013

Received an email today entitled, "Packing list for Saturday".
(which if you don't know - is my birthday!) Woohoo!

The contents of the email were as follows:

Pack this crap.  Seriously: 
1)  Water bottle
2)  Goretex hiking boots
3)  Ski jacket
4)  Warm socks, maybe two pairs
5)  Warm gloves for snow
6)  Hat / ear covers
7)  Snow pants?  Do you have them?
8)  Clean, comfy change of dry clothes
9)  Scarf, just in case
10) long underwear
11) pillow
12) Phone charger for the car? 
Those are the necessities I can think of so far.  I'll let you know if I think of anything else!

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Love!

I was told it could be strenuous, or relaxing, based on what I feel up to.... So it's off to an early bed time!  Goodnight friends.  When I wake, I'll be 26 years old.  Dear Lord Almighty!! 

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