Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 2

You know how we all love countdowns?  I decided that instead of doing a count-down.  I am going to just count up.  Keep it positive - keep momentum growing - staying focused on what I have and how much I can accomplish in these days.  Yesterday was day 35 for me and I decided to start 35 (Work)Days of Thankfulness.  Yesterday, I was home sick and I ended the day with movie and dinner on the couch with John. As every list of things I'm grateful for begin - Day 1 went to my Beau.  

Day 2. I'm grateful for coffee.  Not in a "I'm always tired" way.  I am literally just so grateful for one of my favorite daily rituals.  Most mornings, John makes me a morning cup.  He often asks "What kind?" or "Do you have a preference of method?"  And typically, but not always, I let him decide.  On weekends, I'll often request the mocha pot with a hearty amount of creamy foam on top. He'll pick mocha pot or aeropress, or maybe his siphon pot.  He'll pull out some of our favorite beans and grind them up.  We're back to boiling water on our stove, so he'll turn on the faucet and fill  up a sauce pan. Yesterday he used the pour over - which is incredible rare. Within time he'll hand me a cup of coffee, and if I'm lucky it will be in one of my favorite metalic stone ones and we'll have time to sit on the couch and half-cuddle and talk. 

Today, I'm just drinking the office coffee, which is terrible.  But I'm drinking it as the ritual right now - as the start of my morning and the beginning of my day.  And I'm thankful. I'm grateful for such a lavish little ritual that begins almost all of my days. 

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Esther Maria Swaty said...

awe! love love this :) rituals are so very important. gratefulness has become a life saver for me.