Thursday, February 25, 2016

Have you ever been a part of a team?  Not just on a team, a part of it.

I was running downtown tonight and came to a stoplight.  We were down by the waterfront and clearly no one would be coming down this street just then - I looked at the runner across the intersection from me.  We made eye contact and both started running toward one another - we were going for it - both crossing from our opposite sides.  I had an incredible desire to reach out my hand and give him a high five in passing. But he looked away. In that split-second connection, the amazing feeling of being part of a team had lept back to flames inside me.  Tagging out - checking in - great job - go get 'em - a high five at a run.

I've been on a lot of teams over the years: on the field, the court, the classroom and the office, but being a part of a team, not so often.

It's a good feeling.  I'm looking for it - also, I want to learn how to create real teams, real teamwork. Having a group of people more concerned with working hard together, building each other up, pushing each other, sharing their tricks and secrets, challenging each other, feeling free to be strong themselves; good Lord, creating with a group of people like that - getting into a tough situation together - taking on some crazy feat and walking away successful- it's sooo ridiculously good you guys!!

I think I'm going to start offering high fives to any jogger I pass when on a jog. Also, I'm gonna build myself a team. I'm going to work better at being not just a teammate - but back to being a captain.

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