Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 3

I'm thankful for those moments when you totally know you got something you shouldn't have... or shouldn't have gotten something you did.  (PS, I hate the word "got" - I have no idea why I just used it multiple times in the opening sentence of this blog.  But now that I've written a whole second and now third sentence about it, I haven't the time to rewrite.)

You see, I drove today because we are getting a new fridge and we were chatting about it and I was dicing onions (oh dangit, I forgot to put in the onions!) and carrots and celery to put in the crockpot with the chicken.  All this means I missed my bus and the next one I could catch wouldn't get me to work until almost 11!

So I drove.  I parked on the street and determined I would repay at 12:30pm.  Then at 2:30pm, I'd move to the garage that my gym reimburses for up to 3 hours.  Smart, right?

Only at 2:30pm, I realized, OH MY GOSH I DROVE TODAY! That's right.  I'd only gotten up (there it is again) from my desk briefly and was rushing to hit a 3pm deadline for the day and had completely forgotten to repay at 12:30pm.

I ran down to my car to pick up my parking ticket.  And it wasn't there.  2 hours past due - and I had no ticket!!!!

Today, I am thankful for that.

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