Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Friends,

Do me a great favor please?  Could you tell me two or three posts (of mine) from over the years that you most enjoy?  And a short reason why?  Humor? Perspective? Style? Voice?  Honesty? Terrible Grammer Mishaps?

(That was on purpose. It's okay.)

It would be a great help to me in a current project.

Thank you. :)

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Jessica Rae said...

"I know that death is not the end. Good things must die to bring life to the surreal. When you feel the Lord is breaking your heart and asking you to let your dreams die, trust that He will resurrect what ought to be alive, and you may not even recognize it because of its glorious transformation! He does all things well. Death so that we might have life, is that not the promise of the cross?!" -November 23, 2009

Still on my computer desktop:)

Great insight to life and speaking from personal experience! I connected with it because of the whole story you were telling before is similar to what I've been through.

I find that the blogs of yours where you have written from what you are going through and what the Lord is speaking to you in the moment are the ones that I have enjoyed and found most helpful.

Love you look-alike-sis:)