Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thoughts thoughts thoughts.

There must be a reason why I still am, where I am.

So much has changed this past year that the things that remain the same, despite how hard I work to change them... perhaps are for a reason.  I changed jobs in January of 2012.  I met a guy that month too.  We washed dishes at a common friend's house until 3 am.  (My dad gave me a talking too.  You were in BEACON HILL until 3 am?! Whoops.)  But Becky had a clean kitchen.  And I had a new friend.  I moved. I started attending Bethany - with said new man.  I paid off my car.  My sister moved.  My cousin moved.  My roommate moved.  My boyfriend moved.  My sister quit her job, started law school and a new part time job.  My roommate too started a new job.  So much change.  And yet, the one thing I keep trying to change about my daily life... won't budge.  [Grrrraw!]

It dawned on me this morning for the first time:  I moved and switched churches at the same time this year (roughly).  The last time I started attending a new church, I was 5.  We moved that same summer.  Twice in my life I have moved. Twice in my life I have started attending a new church.  Both times they corresponded.   And they were almost exactly 20 years apart.  How odd?

Just a thought.

Other thoughts?  Beau flies out today.  :l  Yep.

He has no choice in it this time, and I actually feel worse for him than I do for myself  (great girlfriend, right?  Typically I just feel bad for myself.  Okay, and I usually feel some happiness for him).  He's been traveling like mad this past month, and after something like 15 hours of flying last weekend, he's done too.  Yet work insists, and so he goes.  He timed it to be back before our date on Friday.  And for that, I am incredibly grateful. :)

Last thought?  I spent 45 minutes curling my hair this morning.  There is no evidence of this four hours later, so you will just have to trust me.

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