Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I am a bit behind... I'll start with that.  You, being my faithful blog-readers, already know about the Blueberries.  You also might remember me mentioning my sweet friend Kim who is currently in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  She started a blog for us all to follow along... and I have neglected it the last couple months.  I signed in today to catch up and discovered what she's been up to.... buying chickens.

Kim has decided to start a chicken coop in her village in the Congo.  And the more I read her argument, the more I wanted to help.  Kim is no ordinary girl (in case you'd failed to catch that by the fact that she's serving in the Congo). Her family has a bee farm.  Her brother is an engineer at Microsoft, and owns more water color painting equipment than Bob Ross.  Her little sister is just one of my favorite people ever. I just like them, and I believe she really does  have the skills and the heart to grow something like a chicken coop into a successful business and life-altering resource for her village.

So I think I'll buy a chicken.  And I'll name it.  And I'll watch to see how it affects Uvira.

How to Buy A Chicken:
1. Click on the The Purple Button to the Right of Kim's page (link above) ($50 suggested purchase) Credit Card or PayPal accepted
2. Join the CongoClucks FaceBook group to Name your chicken and to hear updates!

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