Monday, December 31, 2012

A new year always marks a new age for me.  In 5 days, I will be 26. Remember that list I so ambitiously wrote last year?  I began it in September of 2011 in fact.  What was I going to accomplish and experience in my 25th year of life?  The list I mostly tossed out a couple months ago.  Yeah, that list.  I don't believe I ever posted it in entirety for you all.  Well, here it is.  I have 5 days left and I'm wondering how many I could get done before 26 hits me.  At this point, it's like a fun, frantic game.

25 Goals For 25

Go on a date. 
Read 25 books (5 from the Guardian's list)  So far, I've read 13 books.  Next year, I'll account for Beau in my reading goals. 
Buy a camera (Nikon D5100)   John has one... I suddenly had less drive to buy one. 
Pay off the Toddler
Submit a story  
Submit a poem 
Read more current authors
Run a half-marathon  Ha.  Ran a 5K and then fell into the worst shape of my life. I did run the entire 6 blocks to the bus stop this morning.  That count?  Because boy was my chest burning. 
Learn a real piece on the violin  Haven't played since I moved.  :( 
Start a 401K  
Learn 100 Italian verbs + 100 nouns
Move out
Visit a new city
Talk less (listen more)  I still have 5 days to get this one, right? ;) 
Go camping
Visit the Olympic National Park  
Go sailing 
Write one short story a week  I should have 52 stories?  I have 1 unfinished short story from this year. 
Prepare for the day before leaving the house  I think I have done pretty well at this the majority of the year.  And better the last couple months. 
Read through the New Testament  I spent most of the year in the Gospels.  
Get my concealed weapons permit
Ride in a hot air balloon  Dad? 
Learn to golf
Create my website/ online portfolio  Kind of... 
Ride in a train

I began setting 4 year goals a couple months back.  I will be 30 in 4 years and 5 days! (Weird.)  And I think I am going to set quarterly goals for 26.  I have 4 'to-dos' for the first quarter so far.  I think I'll aim for 5 per quarter.  :)  Besides that, this year will be less about "lists" and more about "priorities".  I have been spending the last few days thinking about my current priorities and how they should change or stay the same for this coming year.  I don't yet know... I'm still praying.  But my to-dos for this first quarter reflect my priorities as best I see them so far.

It's hard to plan for a year.  One person could walk in and change it all... and you could be forever grateful.  I'd aimed to go on a date in 2012.  A real date. I did in January. We played trivia at an Irish pub.  There were no sparks.  It was okay.  I marked it off the list.  And then, I was taken on one of the most wonderful dates... without realizing it at the time.  The rest, I hadn't put on my goals list.  But when it came to it, I'd rather listen to his story than read any of my books on the shelf.  


Ashley said...

So awesome! Love this! You are inspiring. :)

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree, my little one.. that last line was a "killer line".. It will come "In His Time"... ALL OF IT ;-)

Linda said...

This is priceless. You could definitely be our daughter with all this intentional goal setting! Boy would that bless my stewardship oriented husband! I would submit that life is a balance of goal setting and 'alert expectancy' [I am sure you are so surprised I said that!] so that God can interrupt you. After all Jesus did most of His great things through being interrupted [at least from our perspective]. Your last sentence is a good tag line for your goal setting / priority writing for 2013. I absolutely love who you are! For the record, I think that this blog has to count somewhere in your short story/writing goals! Happy Birthday and Happiest of New Years xoxo!!