Monday, June 10, 2013

 A few paragraphs in, I was starting to suspect Linda had a blog... and was pulling a whole George Eliot thing, blogging as "Tyler." This is a fantastic blog post on marriage and the "wrong one".

There are only wrong people who pretend to be right and wrong people who are becoming right, through Jesus. That’s why I like the biblical image of marriage. The fairy-tale image of two soul mates finding love at last is just that, a fairy tale. But the biblical image of marriage provides something so much more beautifully realistic. 
It paints a portrait of two sinners, committing to the task of one another, for the sake of one another, until death do them part. It’s two imperfect people, committing to the sanctifying work of expressing Jesus’ self-sacrificial love, to their lover, so that they might see him or her become the person God has always intended them to be, knowing full well that neither of them have yet to reach this goal.

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Cami said...

Wow, that's so good! Thanks for sharing, Kati!