Friday, June 28, 2013

I've been past "past" my capacity for a week or two now.  Borderline breakdown point.  And if I didn't have such an awesome guy who listens, and surprises me with flowers, and puts his evening plans on hold to just spend a Thursday evening sitting on my couch.... I probably would have had a melt down.  As it stands, it is Friday and I'm feeling optimistic.  Life feels like the challenge it should - the possible challenge that I can tackle.

A couple days ago I was telling Beau, "I think I just need a vacation.  A real, get away and relax vacation."  But I don't really have the time for that right now.  Starting a new job means trying to not take lavish get-aways.  I'm just a week away from 4 months at the new job and I have yet to take a day off.... even with a concussion in there.

Next week, however, I'll be taking Friday off!  I will get a 4 day weekend and I'm soooo excited!  And this weekend, we did our best to say our "thanks yous", "pleases" and most importantly, a few "nos"  -- well, we're trying.  We'll see how we really do in the end.

But it's Friday.  And for the first time in weeks, my tank doesn't feel empty!  Hell, I don't even need "full" any more, just give me a few gallons and watch me run! Of course, I prefer full.  It's sunny.  And I just put on the Keith Urban.  Life has hope.  And my heart somehow is in Nashville again.  It's residing in that peace I always find on the quieter side of the country - reading a book beside my sister, or driving down some almost familiar road.

I'll let my heart hide there for the day, but it's time to get the rest of my capabilities clambering on at my full work-list today.  Hope you all find a little peace and hope this beautiful Friday morning.

Love each of you.


Cami said...

This is encouraging, yep, reality is encouraging. :) Thanks for sharing! Praying for you, Kati; and hope you so enjoy your Friday, and your weekend and your extended weekend next week! :)

Ashley said...

Just love you! And that Tennessee vaca sounds really nice... :)

Anonymous said...

"...the Keith Urban" ;) such a favorite Katrina. And Ash is right, "T"-"e"- double "n"-"e"- double "s"- now double "e" ... does sound pretty darn good;) Glad I could get G.R.I.T.S looped in your head for a while! Keep up the prose girl, it's always a great read.