Monday, June 17, 2013

Good Morning.  

Happy "Get sh*t done week!!"

So much on the horizon, so much on the table, so much on the line. 

So much on the list!!  

Amazing, the work and responsibility of dreams - we don't imagine them for years and live them for a moment.  No, we work toward them and through them for years.  There are years of anticipation, hope and longing, there's a moment of excitement as the page turns and life transitions into the thing anticipated.... and then there are the steady, long days of living out that dream.  The weeks of assignments, of acquiring the new skills now necessary, of keeping calm and staying grateful and excited.  Of reminding yourself, this is what I've hoped for... and now I get the joy of the work.  

It's true of school.  Of a home.  Of a friendship.  Of a romance. Of a career. Of any passion or calling.  

You'll have to remind yourself several weeks or months in:  this is the joy of the work of a dream

Otherwise, it's then your dream will be stolen. Or rather, just forgotten.  After you've turned the page not before.  After you've felt the excitement.  After you've set in to the days of living it. 

Be consistent - especially when it gets hard and the rush has passed. 

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