Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I debated whether or not to blog about it... but I had the greatest day yesterday.

My Beau surprised me in the morning and we had breakfast together before he drove me to work.

I was stupid and complained about stupid things in the car - no one needs that first thing in the morning.

I felt awful all morning at work.  I was praying and listening to worship, praying desperately that the Lord would sort me out.  I feel a mess in a lot of ways lately.  Sinking into ways I strongly, strongly dislike.

In the midst of that, in that moment, in walks our receptionist with a big basket full of flowers.  I was confused.  I couldn't even answer when they asked me what they were for - I was still trying to put together that there were flowers here, for me. Pretty ones!  I'm a mess - and he sent me flowers.

After work there was coffee and lots of conversation.  And then there was our favorite restaurant.  We walked down a quarter to 9pm.  They were closing up, a couple tables finishing their meal or wine.  We offered to leave, but they wouldn't have it.  You see, we time it this way.  Not usually that late.  But late, when they'll bring out the dogs.

We sat and ate while the others left, we pet Fin & Lucky and the cat.  And then we talked with the owner as he set a table and sat down to a family style meal with his staff and a friend and fellow restaurant owner who arrived.  We sat as all the other staff said goodnight.  He offered us a digestif and we sipped on into the night, hearing story after story from his life and from that of his friend.  They have been in the restaurant business as long as I've been alive.

It was a perfect evening.  We walked back with smiles, as we usually do. Thank you Beau for the best day.

One year together.  And what a wonderful year it has been.


Kimberlee Rankin said...

Maybe your morning mood was because we stayed so late! :) Really truly loved our time together though!

And BTW I loved your Wallflower article or whatever you want to call it!!! LOVE seriously!

And you 2 are so adorable!

Love you and happy 1 year together!

Katrina Hope said...

Hahaha, Kim, I can promise you that was not the reason! You two had the long drives back home, we were minutes from our beds. :) Thank you so much for coming over!!

kaylee@life chasers said...

So so happy for you!!! I hate that I still have never met him! Happy one year :)

Katrina Hope said...

Kay, hopefully we change that on your next visit? :)

Cami said...

Congrats, so happy for you two!!