Friday, February 22, 2013

A friend mentioned the Jung Typology Test a couple weeks ago over coffee.  I had her send it to me yesterday, and after receiving what I believed were frightening accurate results, I sent it to my sisters.   Theirs too were uncomfortably spot-on.  While I don't think personality tests should define how we see ourselves, becoming limiting, I do think they can be a huge aid.  They can help us examine ourselves a bit more unbiasedly - linking our skill sets with common downfalls too.  They might open our eyes to strengths we don't often take the time to consider. They could lead us to better consider career decisions.  It is the test's ability to help us analyze and grow that I think makes them worthwhile.  They can also help us understand one another better.  Seeing my sister's results, and hearing them acknowledge that they find them accurate allowed me to read through and better understand how my sister's see themselves - and it is rare indeed to get a comprehensive description of a person's self-view.  It is powerful to read something a loved one feels communicates this is who I am.

Here is the test.  If you take it - I'd love to know what you get - post a comment. :)  Tell us if you think it is accurate too, or perhaps where it might be off.  As you work your way through the test, don't think too much about your answers, go with your first instinct.  I typically get hung up on these sorts of tests/questions, but I gave myself just a few minutes to take it, forcing myself to respond immediately to each.

Once you get your results, google "____personality page"   (eg "INFJ personality page")

According to my results, I am an INFJ.


samara said...

Isn't it scarily accurate? I took one a few weeks back and then checked the personality page - it was almost always right down to the detail. Then I checked out celebrities who are ____ - a lot of cool artists...and a lot of dictators :/ haha... fun stuff!

Cami said...

I love taking personality tests! This one wasn't the most accurate for me, but there were definitely aspects that suited my personality for sure. I was more encouraged by the famous people who shared my personality type: George Washington, Warren Buffet,Condoleezza Rice, Robert de Niro, Sean Connery,Natalie Portman, and Queen Elizabeth II. :)

Kimberlee Rankin said...

ESTJ. George bush and Collin powell