Thursday, February 14, 2013

Selected sample paints for a project yesterday.   And of the three options we sent, the client chose my palette. : )   As I told the designer who talked me into helping -  I feel so validated as a creative individual.  I enjoy when I get pulled into the creative design side of my office, but I still remember it's not what I love.  It's just a bit more enticing than billing.  If my boss has his way, he'll turn me into a full-time accountant/ office manager.  If the rest of them have their way - I'll become an interior designer.  If those are my two options - I know which one I'm picking.  Thankfully,  I think there's a third option.

Yesterday I was the HR manager, the bookkeeper, the secretary, the marketing manager, the office manager, the IT person, the design librarian and rep contact, a designer and a photographer.  I am unqualified.  For all of this!  I went to school for English people!! Give me a word doc and walk away.

Today, I'm researching accounting software and design libraries.

Never stop learning.  :)  I can't deny I have been given a lot of new opportunities here, some of which I like.  All of which I may need.

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