Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Last week, in the middle of my work day I realized that everything was well.

I just sat in it for a second.  Life is good right now.  How rare it seems we can say that ore genuinely feel it.  And I'd typically shy away from posting "My life is good."  But, sometimes it's good to hear. Sometimes, it doesn't make us frustrated, jealous or annoyed  - sometimes it encourages us.  Reminds us.  Life can be good.  Not perfect.  Not easy.  But truly, good.  I'm not even going to balance this with the truth of all the things so dear and near that still ...hurt.  Life is good and all is well with my soul.


Ashley said...

Yes! Love that! :)

Linda said...

Amen sister. Everyone needs some encouraging seeds sown--especially in blogger land!