Thursday, February 28, 2013

We've hit that spot in the relationship - the one where you realize you really do have to get back to exercise and eating healthy.  It has been a fun vacation from it all.  But gym memberships have been purchased and new recipes are being sought.  Of course the struggle between a night owl and a morning bird is, when to work out.  Lately, we've been heading over after work (usually with roomie Megs), but this means we get back and all start making dinner around 8:30pm.  And for those of you who know my tendency to take a really long time to make a meal.... you realize how late we eat.

Yesterday, I came across this great site - Organized Living Solutions -  and a quick trip from one link to another lead me to a tasty looking (simple) meal!  We had plenty of leftover chicken in John's fridge that we needed to make use of soon.  Perfect!

It was delicious! Though, I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that Couscous really isn't that healthy.  I mean, it's no quinoa.

We were eating within about 20 minutes.  We used craisins instead of the dates.  We did toss in some feta, but we opted out of the sour cream.  This meal is so flavorful, it really doesn't need it.  In fact, a little of the dressing, tossed well throughout, goes a long ways.

Here's to a new season of meal planning, and quicker, healthier dinners.  Any suggestions - or favorite healthy (quick) meals?


Rose said...

We get into that spot in our relationship, oh, about once a week... :)

Your meal looks delicious. I'll definitely try it. Here's my contribution to your new eating plan:

I also add grilled chicken and instead of green cabbage, I add fresh spinach. For the dressing, I just use Bragg's ginger + sesame dressing.

Linda said...

For the record the 'night owl married to morning person' has worked out for 26 years. Not without alittle challenge and adjustments. Probably mostly due to the fact that pretty much EVERY morning, my husband brings me a cup of coffee to wake me up. It may be 5:30 and he may have been up for an hour but boy is that a great way to 'compromise' ;)

Just thought I would throw that out for alittle hope. The eating and working out thing? Yeah we haven't mastered that yet!

Linda said...

I would like to add one more thing: upon further review of my previous comment let me be clear that you should LOOK FORWARD to having him wake you up with coffee. Not suggesting that for the current place in your dating life. Just wanted to clear that up lest I get in trouble :)