Tuesday, February 05, 2013

One of the greatest sermons I've ever heard on relationships, practically, was delivered yesterday.  It isn't up on the site yet, but the first part of the series is and you can watch it here.  Since many of you are very close to me in age and ....relational status, I think you might find this as wonderfully provoking as I did.  I love Pastor Richard's ability to break down truth in an academic and tangible way all at once.

I've struggled more than I ever expected to about how to build and walk out a Godly relationship.  What does the scripture say about this?   This one thing.  Nothing?  Obviously, it says a lot.  And we've been trained really well.  But still, there's a lot of wrestling through the practicals and the "yeses" of life - not just the clear "nos".  For me, I've had to be reminded time and time again by others that I do know the answer, that I'm a woman of God who has been prepared and trained for the season I am in... and not to over-think it so much.  Sounds about right, right?  In the brilliant, truthful words I heard last week, "You make it harder than it has to be."  Boy do I!! That could be a tattoo on my forehead.  A theme of my life.  

But even still, there is something to be said.  And I have said it a few times here already.  I know how to be a good single (I think).   I had a lot of years to learn it.  And of course - I still screwed up plenty.  But even if I failed to do what I should, I knew what I should do at least.  Here though?  This weird season where I'm not entirely my own - and I'm not yet someone else's... really.  I can't use either sets of scales I've weighed everything in my life by before -  "Single"  -  "Married".  

I think I'll make a good wife.  I think. I at least know bits of what I am supposed to do. But girlfriend?  How to be a great girlfriend?  How to be a Godly girlfriend?  How to be a wise, kind, giving girlfriend?  How to be open, and not inappropriately vulnerable?  How to be trusting and accepting, and not give more of myself than I should?  But also, not to hold myself back and build walls?   I've viewed it from before as a set of rules and lines not to cross... but it's not that stagnant.  It's really not.  And the deeper I get in, the more I realize why I feel so unprepared:  You can't just give one set of rules and say, "okay, you got it, now go be awesome at it."  By definition it's moving from one place, to another.  And you only get there by constant steps.  What was best for yesterday, is no longer best for today.

Protecting one another is key.  But I'm learning, you can hurt a person by trying too hard to protect too.  Even protecting cannot be your focus.  

All I'm trying to say is, it's hard.  And you can't study how to do it perfectly beforehand.  I've been given a lot of great lessons and skills.  I was shaped in some wonderful ways to be able to handle it.  And yet, I have so many questions.  When I find lessons like this - that help posture - I drink it up!!  

And sometimes I think, I wish all my friends could hear this!  So only for those of you who are curious, go listen.  And when this Sunday's (2/3) sermon comes out - go listen again!!

[ Had to post this with a few blogs between it and the "wait" post so you didn't all misread what I meant by "the wait".... if you follow...:P ]

Post Script: It's up now! :) 

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Linda said...

Nicely said--really. I believe you accurately portrayed the difficulty and the beauty of the season in which you are in. At the risk of oversimplifying: don't think too hard, trust the Lord and give your heart some room to breathe and enjoy the moment. And thanks for posting this sermon link--I will be listening!!

I think you are really something and I am grateful to call you friend. xoxo