Thursday, February 07, 2013

Today is one of those days.  The boss is out and we are moving desks, resetting computers and accounts, running to the store to get the right cords.  Nonstop questions.  Half of which I don't know the answer to, or have the pull to even give an answer.  The printer breaks.  The email server goes down.  The remote bookkeeper keeps calling with details I don't need.  No one can get on the internet.  The IT guy accidentally unplugs my computer in the middle of my project.  And the phone won't stop ringing.

We have these beautiful old, tall white windows all around the office.  I've been indulging in a daydream of opening the grand window nearest me, toeing my phone along, and tipping it right over that pretty stone ledge. It's a truly wonderful daydream.

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