Saturday, February 09, 2013

I've been toying around with re-listening to all my SLT tapes.  I have not forgotten the impact those two years of teaching and application had on my life.  Looking back, I think they transformed me more than Masters Commission.  A big claim, but probably true.  My year in MCs was a blessing in relationships and healing.  My two years of training in SLT taught me how to process through confusion, how to train, how to get what was on the inside, out.  They gave me a whole new set of tools, and more importantly, Jon Pinkston helped the four of us who finished work through each teaching week after week.

I just came across my papers, and some notes.... and I don't think I'm toying with the idea anymore.  I'm looking for the tapes... 

Lesson 4, Dennis Peacocke:
“A desire for purpose and meaning was put into our hearts by God. Destiny is the joining of His sovereign choices and our heartfelt drive, producing a life of consequence.”
“We must pursue our destiny according to God’s will, God’s way, and God’s timing”
“Three questions to help you discover your destiny: 1. What must I do before I die? 2. If I am really growing in my life, what does it look like? 3. What is hindering me from sharing my life and my faith more effectively?”
“The power of a proper perspective of destiny (1 Cor 12:27)”
“Clues to your place on the wall: A. Take inventory of the history of your life experience. B. Take inventory of the tools you have. C. Take inventory of the family in which God has placed you.”
 “Destiny is buried in the people we look up to”
“Where’s your fire? And after you get your fire going, where’s your control? What’s in your hand? What did God put in your hand to deliver your people?”
 Lesson One:
“Destiny is developed by embracing a life of strategy.”
“Strategic living can be defines as doing what you should be doing when you should be doing it.”
“Destiny is realized by embracing problems as opportunities. Power is guarded by problems.”
“Daniel was a trained man, not simply an anointed man. (Daniel 6:3-28)”
 Lesson 9
Provers 1:2
The road to responsibility runs through discipline.
Suffering> Discipline> Skill> Stewardship> Responsibility
 Lesson 10
“desire is not enough- discipline prepares us to succeed beyond our limitations”
 Lesson 14- Adam Peacocke- Becoming Problem Solvers
“A self-conscious problem solver is someone who attacks problems, and the circumstances in which they develop. He has a purposed drive for solution, a skilled application of principles and resources, a persistent effort that endures until completion, and a discovering disposition that gleans what can be learned from one problem, and then applies it to others.”
-the importance of preparation- matthew 17:19-21

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