Thursday, February 21, 2013

For those of you who happened to read my Beau's comment last night -  I do have some other, big news.

I am not engaged.

But, after 13 months at my current position, I turned in my two weeks notice yesterday.  It was a far harder conversation than I had even expected.  And I spent most of the night more sad about the company I had to say goodbye to than excited about the new opportunity that has so kindly been presented to me.

My focus right now is on how to best help WA transition and prepare, but soon my thoughts will once again fly to my new company.  Every little detail of how it came together seemed so easy - I even had uncommon peace leading up to my interview.  Conversations were perfectly presented and experiences shared.  Each person I met with seemed genuinely kind and professional.  All this, the sudden end to a very long, hard process.

What it all comes down to is I know I am called to write.  More than that, I don't feel alive when I'm not.  Yesterday morning I was offered the Proposal Writer/ Marketing Coordinator position with LMN Architects.  Their reputation professionally and personally is above excellent.  Their portfolio is exciting and the people who comprise their team have only been given high recommendations. I will have the opportunity to go after and write about important buildings in the development of Seattle.  I will have guidance and mentorship. I will be getting paid to just write and design, for a leading firm. (And once again, I won't be answering phones!)

The sub-story was, I'd also been through the application and preliminary interview process with Alaska Airlines.  I've played with the idea for years - it would offer me the opportunity to travel, find adventure, and write!  I still think I'd enjoy it.  But, I wouldn't enjoy constantly saying goodbye to my Beau, never having weekends together.  I just decided to knock - and doors kept opening.  I was invited to the interview for this Friday.  You arrive at 7:30am, and if you continue to be invited to the next rounds of interviews... you are hired at 6pm the same day.  Maybe arrogant, but I just feel like I would have been there at 6pm. I emailed them yesterday to respectfully decline their invitation.

We set two prices - the one I would take, and the one John wanted me to get - and we hoped/prayed that we'd hear from LMN before Friday, if I was supposed to take the job.  Wednesday morning, which they knew would be my first day back from Arkansas - they sent me an offer, with the exact salary John had wanted. Without me ever even asking for a specific number.  All these little details we'd set out as hopes.  Along with many more. All of them granted.

That said, yesterday was a very exciting day.  And scary.  And hard.  New beginnings mean necessary goodbyes too - that is how it always is - some things must end for others to begin.  We have to let go of what has become "comfortable" in order to move to where life for us has moved.  And trust that Father has something better for those we leave behind too.


samara said...

Kati! So excited for you and the new adventures that await you :)

Transition can be hard, and it often means tears, but I hope you get a chance to enjoy this transition :)

Kayla Janine said...

Congratulations Kati!!
Writing + architecture ...that is so so perfect for you!
You are one inspiring lady - it encourages me to see you stepping into a job that was perfectly meant for you - it helps me know there are jobs out there just like that for me :)

Ashley said...

yay! congrats kk!
so excited for you - this will be a grand adventure :)

love you so! xoxo

Cami said...

Congrats, Kati! How exciting!

This is very encouraging and inspiring to hear! Thanks for sharing! :)

Katrina Hope said...

Thanks guys! So excited - and hope it IS an encouragement to each of you beautifully artistic women! ;)