Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whenever we drive by a loading dock, John points and says "That's just like that place we had lunch that one time."  And he's right.  One day back in May he surprised me by having new keys made for my car at the dealership (they have chips that have to be programmed).  We'd picked up sandwiches and drinks and grabbed a blanket out of my car and walked away from the dealership to find a nice place to picnic.... in Sodo.  Around the corner and a block or two away, we stopped at an unused loading dock, laid out the blanket and climbed up onto the edge.  Feet dangling and cars passing, we chatted about friendship and life and what the next step might look like for us.  Seeing a guy who just might be as crazy, random and eccentric as me eating his sandwich to my left and talking about the guy he used to know who hopped trains... it's a moment I treasured, then and now.

This morning we bussed downtown together and as we passed yet another loading dock he signaled,  "Hey look, that's just like our favorite spot.  Wonder how the cuisine is."  And then that smile.


Rosemary said...

I super like him. And you. And you both together on loading docks.

Kim said...

Geez, could you guys be any more adorable? I think not. Love you both!