Friday, September 14, 2012

You probably know I love surprises.  Love them.  Love getting them, love giving them.  Love trying to figure them out! This weekend we're heading to Portland, where the Beau went to school and spent the next few years.  Besides that, I don't really know much.  I know I'll get to see a couple of his old friends.  I know there is a garden in a city involved.  I know we are going to Powells.  And on a hike. I know there is some evening event that is very unique to Portland that includes "a little bit of everything" and only takes place in September.   I know we are taking a train and I'm leaving work at 2.  I know we get back Sunday evening.  And I know what I was told to pack.  I know I am ridiculously excited to explore Portland this weekend with my Beau.  And I know I'm a very, very lucky young woman.

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