Thursday, August 30, 2012

I feel like September is a playland.  With all the open time we had, we've planned a weekend to Portland (where John spent the 6 years before moving here), a backpacking trip in the Olympics (one of my 25 goals for this year was to visit the Olympics - plus, I've never used my backpacking backpack!), we're going to the Ellensburg Rodeo this weekend with my sisters, and we're moving John into his new place this month.  Not to mention, September is always my favorite month of the year!  It's the month I want to cuddle up with my mom and watch old films all day.  It's the month my dad and I take walks and go buy new pens.  It's when the air is perfectly warm but keeps you cool and gives you room to breathe.  Everything about September makes you want to grow and learn.  Be out, be in, be with people you love.  It's the month you could do anything or go anywhere!

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