Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm pretty sure patience never killed anyone.  Pretty sure.  (And is it odd that my immediate response right now is that I want to do a google key word search to find out? Probably not.  Such is our generation.)  But I feel like I could be the outsider on this one (proud of that use, John?).  I'm DYING here.  So many things that I'm just sitting around waiting on, trying to keep calm so the lining of my stomach isn't eaten away by stress (aka acid). Graphic? Sorry.  :/  The waiting is doing it to me.

I'm waiting on this and on that.  And learning that you really can't rush a process.  I can already see things being worked out in me from the different processes.  And I am genuinely enjoying each of the processes.  But at this very moment, with my sister thousands of feet up in the air and still hundreds of miles away.... I'm really just getting stir crazy in the wait. 

Patience never killed anyone, Kati.  Patience probably, never killed anyone.  Before.

(I'm only working until noon today and I've got some projects to get to, thankfully.) 

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